Tutorial of how to use Reseller Panel (iks66.tv)

Download in .PDF this tutorial

1. First of all you need to go to www.iks66.tv for the Reseller Panel.

2. After you click on "Login" you'll receive the following screen. (See below)

3. Here you'll have in the main menu.

Dashboard - This is where you are, means home.. where you can see some stats of your activity. (can be seen in the picture above.)

4. Routes - This is where you activate, stop and edit every single route you have purchased. (see image below and keep reading)

As you can see in the image above, the A) RED Arrow shows where you can search a route to stop it or edit client information. B) The BLACK Arrow shows where you can Activate it.

5. Assign Multiple Routes - This is where you set more than a Route to a Client.

Red Circle will only Assign the Routes to that client, but the Routes will remain inactive. (see picture above)

Green Circle will Assign the Routes to the client and activate them for you. (see picture above)

6. Renew Routes - Heres where you can simply, renew single routes or all of them, or some.. so your clients can keep their same routes every time they renew. (See image below)

Red Circle: here you choose how many of them you want to renew, after selecting below in the same screen down. (See picture above)

Green Circle: for how long you want them to be active again. (See picture above)

Blue Circle: Which Chinese payment gateway you would like to use for your payment, remember you'll need a Visa Credit card allowed for international payments, as our gateways are in china located offshore, for more security.(See picture above)

Purple Mark (lol cannot be considered a circle or close to it): Go for it and make payment. (See picture above)

7. Account - Here is where you can change your password, for security. (See below)

8. Reports - Here you can download a .PDF Document which will show your activated routes during a period of time. (See below)

Heres how the .PDF Report will look like.

Happy Reselling!! Visit www.iks66.com for buying!