Jynxbox Android HD works in iks66

Jynxbox Android Fully Loaded with XBMC Works with IKS 66

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¿What up with Jynxbox Android HD?

The Jynxbox Android HD is the number one of the range when it comes to Android TV boxes. When you buy from us, we do all the setup and improvement for you. Just plug it in and you are ready to watch free movies, TV shows and aninfinite amount of content that keeps growing every moment. The Jynxbox Android also comes with a built in media player if you wish to play your favorite movies or music from your PC or hard drive. Includes a built in web browser, games, and much more. You also get access to over 850,000 apps offered on the Google Play App store.

What is Jynx Media Android HD TV Box?

Jynx Media Android HD TV Box is a hybrid receiver that can linked to your TV's HDMI input and turns your TV into a multi-purpose smart TV: an XBMC media center, Google Play app store, an internet browser, a photo viewer, a game player, a music player, a huge size screen ebook/emegazine/newspaper reader, an online video TV streamer, it's a revolutionary entertainment system for your TV, it provides a new family television entertainment experience.

THE ULTRA SLIM form factor measures at only 0.6” thickness is using ARM CORTEX A9 800mhz CPU with 1GB RAM, which provides unprecedented level of performance and power efficiency. Prepared with a high-performance OpenGL Mali-400 3D graphic processor, the Jynxbox Android HD Media Play provides crystal clear image and 3D gaming experience. Based on Android 4.0 operating system, supporting XBMC Media player, Google Play with thousands of Android apps, Google Chrome browser, wired and wireless networking access, USB external hard disk, USB flash drice, MicroSD, motion remote control and even add-on USB ATSC Tuner for Live TV in HD!

IKS: Keys Internet Sharing (give keys across the Internet).

IS Jynxbox an IKS Ready box?

Jynxbox hd


IKS Ready boxes: jynxbox android hd, dreambox hd, dreamlink hd fta, sonicview 360-ihub, limesat air hd

Do we support it at IKS 66?

Here at FTA IKS 66 we try to provide the best IKS Private Server Service AND YES WE SUPPORT THIS BOX.

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How to order a sub?

Just visit our main page, and remember you'll need a VISA credit card that is allowed for international payments. www.iks66.com