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¿Why us?

Link dedicated: dedicated connection 99% Uptime
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What is IKS FTA 66?

IKS system is a method of having FTAs operating systems connected over the Internet to an Internet server which directly give the necessary information to your box for this constantly updated.
IKS: Keys Internet Sharing (give keys across the Internet).

All FTA are IKS?

A system that has IKS FTA can have an internal design or using a circuit called "DONGLE", a program must be brought to establish one communication via Internet to a server "A" where you can read all the information legally with a signed card, fooling the server, and making them think its a normal user when its more than user, so basically there are boxes IKS Ready and IKS Made with dongle.

IKS Ready boxes: jynxbox android hd, dreambox hd, dreamlink hd fta, sonicview 360-ihub, limesat air hd

What is our goal at IKS 66

Here at FTA IKS 66 we try to provide the best IKS Private Server Service among all other services out there that offer a crappy service, and make them users mad with constant freezing and bad support, we have only the best here.

Support for FTA IKS66 at FTA66.COM

For more info or help you can always visit our forums at www.fta66.com

How to order a sub?

Just visit our main page, and remember you'll need a VISA credit card that is allowed for international payments. www.iks66.com