DreamLink HD FTA works with IKS 66

DreamLink HD FTA works with IKS 66, we don't need a one year sub from you, get 1 month and try us out.

FTA IKS 66 the best

DreamLink HD Version 3 FTA receiver with HDMI output, PVR capabilities via USB 2.0 port, built in Lan/Ethernet port. Optical audio output supports Dolby Digital 7.1.At about 1/4 of the size of other FTA HD receivers, this receiver packs lots of punch for only 1/4 of the size. Best in class HD and SD channel picture.100% satisfaction guarantee, you will not regret, get your account 1,3,6 or 12 months at discount prices, you can get your test before buying any account

¿Why this Dreamlink HD V3?

Dreamlink HD FTA

Jynxbox Ultra HD is highly integrated with the network media player. It has dual-core high-performance 32-bit RISC CPU, dual interface support USB 2.0 Host, MPEG2 / 4 HD and H.264 video decoder, graphics engine, Ethernet, TV encoder and transmitter HDMI.

Main Features of DreamLink HD

  1. External USB supporting Timeshifting and Liver recording or playback
  2. multi lnb controlled by diseq
  3. usb 2.0 host support
  4. dvbs, dvb s2 compliant
  5. brillant 65 535 clours full resolution on screen display
  6. multi language
  7. sofware upgrade via rs232,, and USB
  8. True life HD (HDMI)
  9. CVBS output
  10. Compontent output
  11. channel sorting by alphabet, transponder, cas
  12. maximum 10000 channel programmable
  13. closed caption support
  14. preferred channel groups
  15. support extended 7 day epg
  16. parental lock
  17. effective channel control by much-loved, lock, skip move and delete
  18. universal remote control.

DreamLink HD works with IKS 66?

YES, like this boxes.. below

IKS Ready boxes: jynxbox android hd, dreambox hd, dreamlink hd fta, sonicview 360-ihub, limesat air hd

Support for FTA IKS66 at FTA66.COM

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How to order a sub?

Just visit our main page, and remember you'll need a VISA credit card that is allowed for international payments. www.iks66.com