DREAMBOX HD works with IKS 66

Dreambox HD works with IKS 66 the best private server

FTA IKS 66 the best

This Dreambox 800 HD satellite receiver is capable of receiving High-Definition TV with full 1080p resolution. This powerful machine has a 300Mhz Mips processor running on the linux opensource operating system Enigma2. It has the lastest Sim 2.1 technology, which is ore advances than previous ferrari sims. The Dreambox 800HD tuner is a plug and play DVB-S2. 100% satisfaction guarantee, you will not regret, get your account 1,3,6 or 12 months at discount prices, you can get your test before buying any account



¿Why Dreambox HD with IKS 66?


If you had already heard of the Dreambox 800 HD and I looked good, it is time that you make your mouth water with the enhanced version of this satellite TV receiver containing a spectacular hardware to do all the tasks quickly and silent. And if desconocíais the existence of the Dreambox, it sure as of now what you have more in mind.

But one thing, what is the Dreambox 800 HD SE and what can we do with it? Basically this device is a satellite TV receiver that enables you to listen to hundreds of radio and TV channels conveniently and easily. But it also allows us to stream to watch TV directly on your PC (without having to buy expensive TV cards), record programs, connect to the Internet ... Although a priori may seem great skills that are necessary to start to manage with a little patience you will be able to take full advantage of this machine is a big improvement over the Dreambox 500 HD Dreambox 8000.

And what is the difference between Dreambox 800 HD is of the above?

Well that includes a 400 MHz processor (previously only reached 300), an HDMI (can finally forget the DVI), and 2 card readers instead of 1 (comfort). It also has 2 USB 2.0 ports, mini-USB input, an input for connecting SATA hard drive, OLED display ... and the fan has finally improved and no noise! You can check the remaining technical specifications Dreambox 800 HD SE microcube store, which is Spanish ... and bears the cost of shipping on all purchases we make!

If you actually use is the PC, and want to watch TV without complications, wait no more and grab the latest version of Dreambox (equivalent to the original although Dreambox 800 HD, has more features). Remember: shipping is free.


Yes, and so are the boxes below

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Works good with?IKS 66

We try to provide the best IKS Private Server Service and this box performs very well with our service, just like all other dreambox receivers.

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